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Iraq: Shiite leader creates a Committee to revert illegal expropriations from Christians

The Iraqi Shiite leader Muqtada al Sadr, head of the Sadist political group, has ordered the creation of a committee charged with collecting and verifying news and complaints regarding cases of illegal expropriations from Christian property owners in various regions of the country.


Muqtada al Sadr communicated his decision in a statement published in the first few days of 2021, in which the names of the members of the committee are indicated, as well as the e-mail addresses and Whatsapp accounts to which the Christians can send ownership documents concerning real estate – houses and land – illegally expropriated in recent years by other people or groups of people.

The intention of the operation launched by the Shiite leader is to restore justice and end violations of the property rights of the “Christian brothers”, including those for which members of the Shiite movement led by al Sadr were responsible.


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