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Iraqi Christians rebuild their lives as a religious minority

International Christian Concern (ICC) claims there are only around 50 Christian families living in the city of Mosul today.

Patriarch Sako returnes to Baghdad

After months of voluntary exile in Erbil, the cardinal returned to the Partiarchal seat. 

Exodus and division: the problems of Iraqi Christians

The marginalized Christian groups are facing the dangers of mass emigration as well.

Christian town in mourning after fire kills 177 wedding guests

Thousands are mourning in an Iraqi Christian town following a wedding hall fire

A Christian insider's perspective of troubles in Iraq

Iraqi Christians experience discrimination, harassment and violent persecution.

Christians in Iraq face severe persecution for over two decades

Iraqi Christians look ahead to an uncertain future.

Archbishop warns about the extinction of Christians in Iraq

Without a change in the overall culture of Iraq, Christians face an existential threat in Iraq

The persecution of Iraqi Christians continues

The 18,000 school-aged Iraqi refugee children in Jordan face a myriad of barriers to school attendance.

Iraqi committee returns 120 expropriated Christian properties

Iraqi Christians have been facing such severe persecution for decades.

Attack on Iraqi Christian home sparks insecurity fear

The Christian presence in the region is dwindling as Christians face persecution from many angles.