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Heart-melting Christmas wishes of Iraqui Christian children

Iraqui children

In a video by Open Doors, seventeen Iraqi Christian children, between the ages of eight and twelve describe their Christmas wishes.

The children sing Christmas songs, and then talk about their greatest wish for Christmas. Their responses reveal the kind of world they have grown up in:

Ten-year-old Sam says, “I wish that people could live in safety and peace.”

Nine-year-old Dima says, “I ask the Lord to protect my church in Iraq.”

Ten-year-old Lydia and eight-year-old Marina would like to live like other children in the world, in love and peace.

One of the children, ten-year-old Mark, says, “[I wish] I would be able to go back to my church in Mosul.” Only God knows if one day his wish will come true.

This Christmas, let us pray that one day the wishes of these children will come true.

Click here to watch the video.

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