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Christian convert faces five years in prison

An Iranian man who converted to Christianity was sentenced to five years in prison over alleged security concerns.

Two men convicted for blasphemt were executed in Iran

In Iran, the death penalty is permitted as a punishment for blasphemy.

Iran eventually pardonend two imprisoned Christian converts

Both men were imprisoned for “acting against national security by organizing house-churches and promoting ‘Zionist’ Christianity"

Iran pardons two imprisoned Christian converts

According to tradition, at this time, some prisoners receive pardons from the authorities.

The Iranian Government grant pardon to a Christian man

In less than five months, four Christians have been released from Iranian prisons.

Iranian protesters set fire to Republic’s founder’s home

Iranian citizens, including those of the Christian faith, are letting their voices be heard regarding the harsh Islamic rule

USCIRF criticises out Iran’s death sentence penalty for protesters

Protests across Iran are turning into a country-wide revolution.

Two Christians released from Iranian prison

After denial of pardons, church leaders receive freedom.

Iran punished Christians with harsh prison sentences

Iran was ranked 9th on Christian support organization Open Doors’ 2022 World Watch List

Iranian President ignored human rights abuses at the UN General Assembly

Human rights activists have further called into question whether Iran should have been given any kind of platform at the UNGA.