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Four Christians condemned for their faith in Iran

L'Observatoire de la Christianophobie reports about four Christians, who were heavily condemned because of their faith.

Germany's migration office ignores persecution of Christian converts

Political correctness is a plague which impacts Germany to a great extent.

USCRIF report depicts Iran’s misinformation campaign against Christians

The report reveals that the Iranian government uses fabricated claims of national security as grounds for prosecuting Christians.

Iran continues its crackdown on house churches

Though Iran recognizes Christianity as a minority faith , authorities do not recognize Christian converts.

Iranian Christians sentenced to ten years in jail

Abbas and Maryam were fined $2000 USD each and also face two-year international travel bans.

Iranian Christian converts interrogated and imprisoned

In many Muslim countries, converting to Christianity is a risky move and can be severely punished.

Iran continues to push its anti-Christian agenda

Regionally, Iranian-backed factions in Iraq and Syria disrupt attempts for peace and restoration

Nine Christian prisoners released in Iran

In a landmark decision for Christians in Iran, nine Christian prisoners have been released.

Iran imposes Islamic "re-education classes"

Christian converts in Iran face discrimination particularly when it comes to their children and their forced islamisation.