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Four Christians condemned for their faith in Iran

L'Observatoire de la Christianophobie reports about four Christians, who were heavily condemned because of their faith in Iran:

The first 3, Malihe, Mina and Joseph were arrested in 2020 along with around 30 other Christians in house church raids coordinated by the Revolutionary Guards. An informant had infiltrated their assembly for months, in order to transmit to the authorities the names of the Christians. The security services arrested, handcuffed and blindfolded the Christians discovered. They searched their homes for Bibles and confiscated their means of communication. Some were beaten, along with members of their families.

Mina was locked up in a secret place: blindfolded during her detention, she was released 20 days later on a street in Tehran, without money or a telephone. Joseph had to mortgage his house to get out on bail. Malihe spent several weeks in the Qarchak women’s prison where a Covid-19 epidemic was raging.

As for the fourth, Anooshavan, he was arrested during a raid by another church that was standing in his house. The other Christians captured with him suffered psychological torture during multiple interrogations.

Source: L’Observatoire de la Christianophobie

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