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Eminem tops Christian billboard chart with new faith-based song

Eminem's lyrics included him praising the Lord amid Satan's attacks.

A Chinese street evangelist arrested by the authorities and sent to drug rehab

He was first placed under administrative detention for seven days.

Chinese woman arrested for trying to share the Gospel with Xi Jinping

The woman has already been detained several times for similar charges.

Ex-Muslim woman stabbed in London while preaching the Gospel

The evangelist reportedly said she is heartbroken over the weekend’s events and is still healing from a slash wound on her head. 

Rapper DMX dies from heart attack

DMX’s most recent music release was for a new Christian song released by evangelist Mike Servin.

Justin Bieber visits California state prison with pastor to share faith message

The state prison houses over three thousand inmates in minimum to maximum security areas.

Ten Bible translation organisations unite to end "Bible poverty" by 2033

Of the more than six thousand vital languages spoken worldwide, over 3,800 have little or no Scripture translated.

Christian organisation sends twenty-seven-thousand bibles to Albania

The persecution Albanian Christians are facing is one of the reasons Mission Cry decided to do what they could to help.

Aviation Ministry hopes to launch first Christian airline in 2021

Last year, the organisation helped CBN’s Operation Blessing transport teams and supplies to the Bahamas after Hurricane Doria.

ICC tries to spread the Gospel into North Korea

As North Korea is so disconnected from the rest of the world, ICC conceived a creative way to share Scripture with the locals.