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Ex-Muslim woman stabbed in London while preaching the Gospel

An outspoken former Muslim woman who converted to Christianity told people about Jesus Christ on Sunday at the largest park in Central London when an unidentified man wearing black began to repetitively stab her in her face and hands.


The 39-year-old evangelical woman, Hatun Tash, who is heavily involved with the ministry Defend Christ Critique Islam (DCCI), said she blames the police for what happened to her. She claims officers are too “fearful” to take action against a “Muslim,” whom she suspects was behind the attack.   

Tash, who was reportedly wearing a blue Charlie Hebdo T-shirt at the time of her stabbing, is known for preaching critiques of Islam and debating the Quran at the famous Speakers’ Corner.

The Metropolitan Police said that officers arrived at the scene in Hyde Park in west London at 3:34 p.m. and recovered a knife nearby, according to The Times. 

Tash managed to survive and was reportedly seen being treated by a London ambulance service as she sat inside a police van before she was taken to Central London Hospital for further treatment of “minor injuries.” 


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