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Christian organisation sends twenty-seven-thousand Bibles to Albania

Mission Cry, an organisation that works with local churches by sending them Bibles, sent twenty-seven-thousand Bibles to Albania.


Mission Cry’s president, Jason Woolford, told The Christian Post that the group “had to go through a lot of hoops for documentation, paperwork and clearing agents, so everything was done above and beyond reproach.”

Woolford shared that the Albanian believers have just received the Bibles, and they are going toward a new church that is currently being built. This comes at an important time, as Albania has been called the world’s “first” atheistic country.

According to Balkan Insight, the country has “waged a decades-long campaign of repression against Christian and Muslim believers, jailing and executing clerics and persecuting their families – but some continued to practice their faith in secret.”

Mission Cry was founded by a former Marine Drill Sergeant who wanted to send Bibles as a battle cry for God. They have been sending Bibles since 1956 and show no signs of slowing down or stopping. According to their website, “Mission Cry is equipping orphans, evangelists, pastors and missionaries for the works of service all the while setting up distribution centres, lending libraries, Bible College libraries, and holding crusades.”


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