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An Orthodox church was vandalised in Kosovo

The Diocese emphasized that these attacks on churches and private property are mainly driven by ethnic and religious motives.

Three Serbian churches attacked in Kosovo since the beginning of 2022

Relics were also desecrated during these attacks, which took place in Zubin-Potoca.

Christian organisation sends twenty-seven-thousand bibles to Albania

The persecution Albanian Christians are facing is one of the reasons Mission Cry decided to do what they could to help.

Suspect of the Vienna terror attack identified as an ISIS sympathiser

Police shot dead another suspect who was armed with an assault rifle and was wearing a fake suicide vest.

A symbol of hope for the coexistence of Christianity and Islam in Kosovo

Christianity and Islam have clashed, yet here, a Serbian Orthodox church and a mosque stand together.

Orthodox Christians remain a persecuted religious minority in Kosovo

Hundreds of Christians continue to be threatened, murdered or forced into exile in this unstable region.

“God saved me,” says a cardinal who was tortured and condemned to death

He suffered persecution under the communist regime in Albania.