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Ten Bible translation organisations unite to end “Bible poverty” by 2033

The Christian Post reports that the world’s leading Bible translation agencies have united to “eradicate Bible poverty” in this generation by making Scripture available in every language by the year 2033, as half of the world’s languages still lack a complete translation.


The “I Want to Know” campaign was launched Wednesday in time for the Easter season and is spearheaded by illumiNations, an alliance of Bible translation organisations. The initiative aims to make at least a portion of Scripture available in every language within the next 12 years.

The ten Bible translation partners include the American Bible Society, Biblica, Deaf Bible Society, Lutheran Bible Translators, Seed Company, SIL International, United Bible Societies, The Word for the World, Pioneer Bible Translators and Wycliffe Bible Translators USA.

Mart Green, the ministry investment officer of Hobby Lobby, said the partnership provides collaboration and a centralised database that allows them to accomplish more together than they could apart. Not having access to the Word of God is known as “Bible poverty,” which Green said is the worst kind of poverty because of its eternal implications.

Over one billion lack access to God’s Word in their language, according to illumiNations. More than half of the world’s language communities still do not have a complete Bible translation, and over 2,000 languages are yet to have a single verse of Scripture translated.


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