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Europe’s largest Lutheran denomination declares itself as "trans-inclusive"

In 2009, the left-leaning Swedish Church voted in favor of blessing same-sex marriages.

Attempted fire at the door of a Lutheran church in Latvia

Unknown persons tried to set a Lutheran church on fire in Latvia. The vandals may face punishment in prison.

Ten Bible translation organisations unite to end "Bible poverty" by 2033

Of the more than six thousand vital languages spoken worldwide, over 3,800 have little or no Scripture translated.

Lutheran church vandalised with stones and paint in Germany

The portal image was damaged with bags of paint and windows were smashed with stones.

A church was repeatedly vandalised in Malmö, Sweden

An Evangelical Lutheran Church, in the district of Västra Skrävlinge, in Malmö, Sweden, was attacked repeatedly for seven days.

Catholic and Lutheran churches to defy Minnesota ban on worship

Catholic leaders stressed that they worked with their Lutheran colleagues to devise the sanitation plan.