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Nigerian army units watched Fulani militants burning Christian homes

The vast majority of Fulani are peaceful, but certain elements among them seem determined to spread hate and violence.

Fulani Terror group destroys Christian farms in Nigeria

ICC’s D.C.-based Regional Manager for Africa visited Nigeria in February 2022 and saw some of the destruction firsthand.

Fulani herdsmen abduct 46 Christians in Nigeria

The Fulani herders are predominantly Muslim, and extremist herdsmen frequently launch violent attacks against Christian farmers.

Nigerian Christian boy beaten by soldiers

Violence towards Christians in Nigeria remains commonplace.

Fulani militants burned down a village in Nigeria

Nigerian Christians have long suffered at the hands of Fulani militants.

Fulani militants continue to terrorise Christians in Nigeria

Militant Fulani herdsmen hold to an extremist Islamic ideology, causing the rampant persecution of Christians in Nigeria.

Christian man abucted by Fulani militants in Nigeria

Twitter user @JoelMaiwada recently shared the events of his kidnapping, when Fulani militants ambushed his vehicle in Nigeria.

Two Christians murdered after Christmas Caroling in Nigeria

Fulani herdsmen are killing Christians on a regular basis in Nigeria.

Fourty-five mostly Christian farmers murdered in Nigeria

The attacks were reportedly a revenge for the killing of a Fulani herder.