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Nigerian Christian boy beaten by soldiers

Unarmed Christian farmers in a village in Bassa County of Plateau State, Nigeria were threatened this week by armed Fulani militants who previously killed eighteen Christians in the village in January.


ICC responded to the January massacre, provide food assistance and paying medical fees for victims. The Fulani militants attacked the villagers’ farms for a second time on the 19th of February, this time promising to destroy their farms again during growing season.

Nineteen-year-old Danlami M, who grows tomatoes and pepper, told ICC that the Fulani militants destroyed his farm in February after burning and killing his family members in January.

Danlami says that a herder boy was grazing his cattle inside Danlami’s farm and cutting down his tomato and pepper plants. As Danlami began talking to the herder he noticed six Fulani militants firing their guns in the distance, so he called soldiers stationed nearby for assistance.

However, they refused to engage the militants and instead beat Danlami nearly to the point of death for calling them.


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