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Priest recounts kidnapping and torture by Fulani militants

Nigeria continues to rank in the top ten of Open Door’s World Watch List.

Fulani herdsmen kill 10 Christians and burn over 100 Houses in overnight atack

ICC has recently paid hospital bills to 10 victims within the district, as well as some from other communities.

Christian villagers worship for the first time after displacement by Fulani

Fulani militants displaced over 600 church members and killed 67, locals told ICC

Pastor murdered in Nigeria by suspected Fulani militant

Solomon was a doctor as well as a pastor. His wholistic ministry included preaching the Gospel among Fulani communities.

Infant girl is the only survivor of the Fulani attack

A three-month-old Christian girl survived Fulani attack, meanwhile her whole family was massacred.

Christians organise church service to support persecuted Christian Fulani pastor

An ICC contact visited the church service and encouraged the church members not to give up on their faith.

38 Christians buried in mass grave in Nigeria

The mass grave was 15 feet wide, 30 feet long, and 5 feet deep.

At least thirty people killed in massacre in Nigeria

Gunmen suspected to be Fulani Militants attacked two villages in Kaduna state on Sunday night, killing over thirty people.

Pregnant woman survives massacre by hiding four days in a pit with her children

Juliet took her five children and hid in a mining pit. For four days, they lay still, with nothing to eat or drink.