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Fulani militants continue to terrorise Christians in Nigeria


Last Sunday, Fulani militants killed 11 Christians in Abuja, Northern Nigeria. The attack came at night when houses were set ablaze, and villagers were shot trying to flee. Mama Fide, a grandmother to many in the village, burned to death inside her home. Her grandchild spoke to Morning Star News.


This was not the first attack on Nigerian Christians this year. On January 22, Fulani militants targeted Christians in Dong village in Plateau State, Nigeria. Four Christians were killed while two others were wounded during the attack. Christian refugees from the Miango District are known to reside in the village. They are routinely tormented by militant Fulani herdsmen.

ICC reported on the January 11 attack in Ancha village, Nigeria. There, 18 Christians were killed, and 24 houses were burnt to the ground. Crops and vehicles were destroyed, with several items stolen. An eyewitness to the atrocity, John Rivi Bulus, lamented to ICC through tears.


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