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Fourty-five mostly Christian farmers murdered in Nigeria

According to Breitbart news, Fulani militants killed “at least 45 largely Christian Tiv farmers” in central Nigeria’s Nasarawa state. The herdsmen launched a series of attacks between the 17th and the 19th of December.


The Nigerian government and much of the international community like to define these attacks as “farmer herder conflicts.” This narrative is ignorant at best. While farmer-herder conflicts have existed throughout centuries, a more sinister element has emerged within the last decade, fueled by a jihadist agenda.

While the Fulani are an ethnic group who mostly live at peace with their neighbors, the Fulani Militia are members of the Fulani who have become radicalised. These militants use their trade in cattle to move throughout the country, killing Christian farmers, destroying villages, and taking land.

In the midst of these attacks, the Nigerian government continues to spin the narrative that they are doing the best they can, but that the conflict is beyond their control. In reality, in most cases, the government is either incompetent or aiding and abetting the attackers.


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