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Nigeria remains a burial ground for Christians

Since January, militants from Fulani communities have been killing Christians in southern Kaduna. These attackers not only kill villagers but also burn villagers’ houses and destroy their farm crops.


“They normally come at night or ambush our people when going to farm,” said Habila Sambo, a local from the Adan community in Kagoro who survived a gunshot wound in a recent attack. Sambo was still in pain when ICC visited him at the hospital where he is currently receiving treatment.

He said it would be difficult for him to farm again with his injuries but that he would like to go back and stay at his original home. “I know [militant] Fulani are killing us because of our faith in Jesus, but we will continue to forgive them for Christ’s sake” he said.

A local ICC contact and two volunteers visited Tsonje community where Fulani militants killed four people and burnt all the houses. Though only few men were in the village during ICC’s visit, the Fulani staged another attack. ICC’s local contact and the volunteers escaped the attack, but still the community was scared and the children of the village were traumatized.


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