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Fulani militants burned down a village in Nigeria

One person has been killed by Fulani militants killed one person and burned down more than 45 homes in Zamandabo, a village in the Nigerian state of Kaduna on the 8th of February.


Survivor Justice Hilary told ICC, “The Fulani militants came in around 2:30 a.m. The village guards were outside doing patrol trying to secure their environment and then they heard gunshots from their boundaries. All our houses were burnt and our church was destroyed.”

Timothy Ishaya owned a store in the village that was targeted by the militants. During the attack, they raided his goods before lighting the building on fire. “They broke through my door and looted plenty of things and then set the rest ablaze,” he said.

“They also went around and burnt all the rooms including the storage where I keep food items and other valuables,” he added. He said they were speaking the Fulani language as they ransacked his store.


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