Tag: Arson attack

The arsonist of a US pro-life office was sentenced to seven years in jail

Despite the severity of the sentence, some pro-life activists feel it falls short of appropriate justice.

Minors set altar on fire in Austria

The estimated property damage exceeds 21,000 USD.

Arson suspected behind church fire in Pakistan

A Muslim man threatened Christian congregation that they would not celebrate Easter

A church set on fire in France was probably deliberate

The church Église Sainte-Agathe-et-Saint-Julien has been permanently closed.

Yet another German church targeted by probable arsonists

Investigators point out that the church was probably set on fire voluntarily.

Islamic terrorists kill 23 in a four-day serial attack in Nigeria

Islamic extremists carried out a coordinated attack on several villages in Nigeria

A man set a church on fire in France

Parishioners quickly brought the fire under control.

A church was set on fire in a German town

The police are investigating the case.

Extremists attack site of new church and burn down Christian homes in Egypt

An extremist mob attacked the buildings in Al-Azeeb in Minya province on the evening of 18 December.

A church was set ablaze in Ireland

The police are investigating the incident as a deliberate arson attack.