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Three people were killed and a church burned in Central Nigeria

Four years ago, many from this village were displaced in a violent attack by the Fulani militants, which left 13 dead.

Nigeria remains a burial ground for Christians

Fulani militants are regularly terrorising local communities.

Fulani militants kill Christians during traditional festival

Ten people were killed and nineteen people suffered gunshot wounds but survived.

Nigerian man killed on way back from church

ICC staff reviewed pictures of the man's body. He had knife wounds and one of his hands had been cut off.

Christian man abucted by Fulani militants in Nigeria

Twitter user @JoelMaiwada recently shared the events of his kidnapping, when Fulani militants ambushed his vehicle in Nigeria.

Christian journalist remains imprisoned after judge fails to attend court

Binniyat was arrested after the Epoch Times published a report about Fulani militia attacks against Christians in Kaduna State.

Priest recounts kidnapping and torture by Fulani militants

Nigeria continues to rank in the top ten of Open Door’s World Watch List.

Thirty-six Christians killed this month in one Nigerian state

Fulani Militants are members of the Fulani ethnic group who have been radicalised by a form of extreme Islam.

Tens of thousand of anti-Christian attacks in the last twelve years in Nigeria

The report states that 43,000 Christians have been killed by Nigerian Islamic radicals in the last twelve years,

At least 7 killed and over 250 houses destroyed after attacks in Nigeria

According to Barnabas Fund, the attack occurred in a "predominantly Christian area."