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Three people were killed and a church burned in Central Nigeria

Early Monday morning, April 4th, Fulani militants attacked Christians in central Nigeria’s Miango District.


According to ICC’s correspondent in Nigeria, the attack by Islamist extremists killed three people and injured one. Additionally, 25 homes and 40 barns were burned. The village community church, called the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), was burned to the ground. The militants were able to do considerable damage to the community before security personnel showed up.

For years, ICC has been following the conflict in Nigeria between the groups of militant Fulani herdsmen who hold extremist Muslim views and the predominately Christian farming communities.

Monday’s attack followed closely on the heels of several other attacks by Fulani militants that occurred between Monday, March 29, and Sunday, April 3. Sunday’s attack happened just 50 meters away from a significant military checkpoint, said a local youth leader, yet the military did not intervene.


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