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Two Christians burned alive by Fulani fanatics in Nigerian Kaduna State

Just a few days earlier, two students were attacked with axes and machetes near a local village. One of them died on the spot.

Fulani violence targeting Christians continues in Nigerian Kaduna State

International observers emphasise that the increasing violence in the region could lead to a civil war.

Fulani herdsmen kill eleven Christians in Nigerian Kaduna State

50,000 Christians have been displaced from 109 villages now occupied by armed Fulani herdsmen in southern Kaduna state.

Muslim Fulani herdsmen killed eleven Christians in Nigeria.

“We currently have 559 displaced Christians at the Zonkwa Town Camp,” James told Morning Star News.

Fulani herdsmen kill ten people during an attack on a Christian Nigerian village

A recent estimate by Intersociety suggests that over six hundred and twenty Christians have been killed in Nigeria so far in 2020.

Persecution continues in Nigeria

In the 2020 Annual Report, USCIRF has officially designated Nigeria as a “country of particular concern”

Fulani militants killed Christians in Kaduna State

The Adara is a predominantly Christian people and one of the largest ethnic groups in southern Kaduna.

Fulani conduct several attack in Plateau and Benue States against Christians

Over the last few years there were at least three attacks in which people were killed.

Brutal Mali attack claims 100 lives

The attacks are said to have taken place in a village of the Dogon ethnic group.

Another Fulani attack and abduction of cleric

Fulani militants attack school and abduct Christian cleric in Enugu