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Fulani militants kill Christians during traditional festival

Fulani herdsmen

The National Leadership of Irigwe Youth Movement (IYM) has condemned a recent attack on the Irigwe people. The attack occurred during the Irigwe peoples’ annual ritual festival Zerreci, the festival that will usher them into the rainy farming season.

They were attacked by Fulani militants normally referred by government authorities as “unknown gunmen” on April 2, 2022, at about 11 pm at the ritual ground Chando Zerreci in Bassa Local Government of Plateau State.

Ten people were killed and nineteen people suffered gunshot wounds but survived. Some of the wounded are undergoing medical treatment at Enos Hospital Miango while others are in Jos.

The National President of the IYM, Ezekiel Bini, called for quick action by the Nigerian authorities to ensure the arrest of those responsible for the attack who, Bini said, aimed to wipe out the Rigwe people at all costs.

Last month, over ten people were killed in Rigwe villages in Bassa local government area. Houses and food crops were destroyed by the militants.


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