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A Catholic church vandalised in Quebec

The Saint-Pierre-de-La Vernière church has been classified as a heritage building since 1992.

Californa parish prays for vandals after Mary statue beheaded

The vandalism came amid an ongoing spate of destructive acts at Catholic parishes across the country in recent weeks.

Italian church desecrated twice in three days

The church will remain closed until security cameras are installed.

Repelling act of desecration in an Italian church

The small church in Spoleto was recently restored. Both the outer walls and the centre of the temple were painted.

Blessed Sacrament stolen in North Carolina

Devastated by the news, parishioners fear that the consecrated host may have been taken to perform satanic rituals.

Church in Lesvos attacked with stones by illegal immigrants - again

Local: “something very bad and dangerous has been going on for 4 months in the area. It looks organised and directed.”

Arson and desecration of Catholic churches during the unrest in the U.S

Two churches, one in Minneapolis and the other in New York, have been targeted by vandals involved in ongoing protests.

Church in Pakistan desecrated in attack by “Land Grabbers”

As a result of the attack, the church’s wall and main gate were damaged and a cross was desecrated.