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Church charities saved the lives of tens of thousands

Church charities saved the lives of tens of thousands of people, said the State Secretary for Church and Minority Relations.

Catholic charity has sent nearly $50M to aid Syrians since start of civil war

The charity has built a soup kitchen and a social market in Syria while also building two COVID-19 testing center.

Prayer service targeted by Pakistani police

During a prayer before providing a free meal for the poor, the police officers appeared and roughly disturbed the prayer service

Catholics in Japan fear for refugees, foreigners during coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is causing drops in charitable donations to Catholic organizations in Japan.

New York slaps income tax on Christian volunteers running COVID-19 fieldhospital

New York officials are attempting to charge Christian charity Samaritan’s Purse organized volunteers for what it gave the state.

Providing aid to displaced Christians in Iraq is not guaranteed

A number of Catholic charities in Iraq are raising the alarm because of COVID-19 quarantine restrictions.

India - consolation while helping everyone: Christians, Hindus, Muslims alike.

How Sister Christin and Small Christian Communities (SCCs) try to help people of all religions.

Nearly 2000 people gather online to pray for Christian martyrs

"The time of lockdown gives us the opportunity to experience the benefit of spiritual communion," said French Archbishop Rougé.

Mobile hospital to be deployed by Christian NGO to Syria

The "hospitainer" will take care of hundreds of people on a weekly basis.

A way to help - Hope House: Breaking generational cycles of Persecution

In Muslim countries Christian children are denied quality education, while their parents suffer constant job discrimination.