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Kidnapped Christians remain prisoners despite ransom payment

Church officials confirmed that two Christian pastors were still in captivity, despite paying the ransom

Twelve remaining missionaries kidnapped in Haiti finally free

It was unclear on Thursday if any ransom was paid to release any of the missionaries.

32 Christian students released from captivity ni Nigeria

Authorities agree that over 80 children from Bethel Baptist High remain in captivity.

Five abducted Christians in Mali have been freed

All five men are said to be in good health.

Christians Killed, Kidnapped in Attack on Worship Service

Suspected Fulani herdsmen attacked a Baptist worship service in north-central Nigeria on April the 25th.

Thirteen-year-old Christian girl forcefully converted and married in Pakistan

Pakistan ranks fourth on Open Doors’ 2021 World Watch List regarding religiously motivated abductions.

Nearly three hundred abducted Nigerian schoolgirls released

This abduction is the third mass kidnapping experienced in recent months in northwest Nigeria.

Church elder killed and three people abducted in Fulani attack in Nigeria

The murdered Pastor had been serving in the church for over thirty-five years.

Pakistani court orders release of Christian girl tortured by Muslim kidnapper

Bishop Iftikhar Indrias of the Apostles of Gospel Ministries International, demands that the abductor be arrested.

A Nigerian priest was abducted on his way to his father's funeral

A Catholic priest was abducted on the 15th of December while travelling to his father's funeral.