Egypt: Convert or starve and die

A Christian father and son were evicted from their business in Egypt

Nick Vujicic encourages American churches to speak up against abortion and porn

40-year-old Life Without Limbs founder expressed concern over the state of many American churches

Hungary supports refugee care in Chad with 100,000 euros

Hungary is providing 100,000 euros support to Chad, in the Sahel region, where over 200,000 people suffering - said Tristan Azbej

Zsolt Semjén: We rescued 11 Transcarpathian prisoners of war

The Russian Orthodox Church transported eleven POWs from Russia to Hungary, coordinated by the Deputy Prime Minister Semjén.

A Christian insider's perspective of troubles in Iraq

Iraqi Christians experience discrimination, harassment and violent persecution.

Can Western society survive without Christianity?

Greg Sheridan writer, journalist, and the Foreign Editor of The Australian said: our civilization depends on the Christianity.

Hate crimes against christians because of secularization and fear of the truth

Apostolic Nuncio Michael Wallace Banach highlighted that the number of hate crimes against Christians is constantly rising.

French volunteers are still working hard to help victims ten days after the earthquake

Benjamin Blanchard, general director of the organisation reported about their humanitarian work in the area of Northeastern Syria.

Tristan Azbej: The Hungary Helps Program is our national mission

A yearly interview with the State Secretary for the Aid of Persecuted Christians.

The Christmas of Nigerian Christians

There are more things in common between Nigeria and Europe than we think.