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Newly converted Christian parents murdered in Uganda

38-year-old Twaha Namwoyo and his 27-year-old wife, Nadiimu Katooko, were slaughtered for becoming Christians outside their house in Bulalaka village, Saala Parish, Kibuku District, Uganda on the 2nd of February.

When police officers arrived at the scene, they found the bodies mutilated, with deep cuts and swollen necks, indicating strangulation. Their four children had been locked inside the house. The perpetrators left long Somali swords, knives and an axe at the location, as a deterrent to other Muslims contemplating conversion to Christianity.

A Christian neighbour stated: “I heard people talking and conversing loudly in Arabic and the Lugwere language, saying that Twaha is to reap the fruits of leaving Islam. After a few minutes, I heard loud wailing coming out of Twaha’s house.” The neighbour could not identify the assailants, as it was dark outside. 

Kibuku central police registered case No. CRB/10/2024 as a homicide.

The friend who helped the couple convert to Christianity said: “After visiting and praying with the family of Namwoyo for about six months, my labor in Christ later became a turning point for them to receive Jesus Christ on Dec. 5, 2023. I continued guiding them in the Christian doctrines but cautioned them to keep silent about their new-founded Christian faith.”

According to Open Doors UK, bullying and harassment of Christians have become very common in eastern parts of Uganda. Primarily converts from Islam, owning Christian materials or discussing Christian faith with family or community members face expulsion, serious physical attacks and even murder. In addition, there have been reports of mob attacks on churches and Christians, as well as converts. The government does not portray any serious indication of protecting Christians facing Islamic violence. 


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