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Three people arrested after lynching a Catholic man in India

On December 14, three people beat a tribal Catholic man to death in Jharkand state, India.

The victim was beaten by sticks and later declared dead at the Rajendra Institute of Medical Science. On December 16, three people were arrested in connection with the lynching. They will remain in custody until December 22, the police said.

According to Ratan Tirkey, a former member of the tribal advisory committee in Jharkhand, we should wait for the investigation to end but he thinks this allegation was only a pretext to kill the man. He said that these kinds of allegations and attacks against the Christian and Muslim minorities are not rare.

In the eyes of Hindu nationalists, Christians and Muslims are outsiders. In most cases, the attacks are carried out, on the grounds of personal enmity and property disputes. This year, in Jhakarta state alone, four mob-lynching cases have occurred.

Source: UCAnews

Photo: AFP

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