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Nineteen attacks on Christians during Holy Week in Spain

The Observatory for Religious Freedom in Spain has reported that there were 19 attacks against Christians during Holy Week this year.

There were eight incidents of belligerent secularism; four attacks on places of worship; four acts of ridiculing religion; two incidents of harassing believers; and one act of violence against believers.

In Granada, a group of young immigrants from the Bermúdez de Castro Center for the Protection of Minors attacked a Holy Thursday procession.

According to the Spanish media outlet OK Diario, the attack occurred when the procession of Our Christ of the Passion and Our Lady of the Star had already been going on for an hour and a half and went down Cuesta de Chapiz street.

At that moment, “a large number of objects began to fall on those present. These all came out of the aforementioned centre.”

The attacks on places of worship were pro-abortion graffiti on two churches in Barcelona; in Badajoz, unidentified individuals decapitated and carried off the head of a statue of the Virgin Mary; and a cross was vandalized with the flag of the Republican faction.

María García of the Observatory for Religious Freedom stated at the organization “we practice medicine by observing, collecting and analyzing data. The goal is to eradicate the viruses of militant secularism and the hatred of religious sentiments.”

Source: Catholic News Agency

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