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Priest and parishioners attacked by a homeless woman in Rome


Don Guido Panella, the priest at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Marsala, was physically and verbally attacked by a homeless woman on April 9th.


Before this, a homeless man had entered the church and was yelling at everyone until the priest gave him a euro and he left. He then returned with two others, including the woman, and they began shouting at people and the woman even slapped the priest.

Two police officers then arrived on the scene at which point the men left but the woman remained and was taken by the carabinieri.

Don Guido Panella forgave the woman but was quite shocked by the incident. He said: “She seemed possessed”. “It was impossible to calm her down because she was screaming and yelling.”

The priest continued: “We welcome everyone, but no one had ever done anything like this.”


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