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A seminary had to be closed due to repeated attacks by Islamists in Burkina Faso

On the night of February 10 to 11, 2022, the minor seminary of Bougui, located in the northeast of Burkina Faso, was attacked by a group of Islamists who set fire to part of the buildings and stole various materials including a car.


“Three days ago, on the night of February 10 to 11, the violent attack by a group of unidentified armed men left impacts and aroused misunderstandings among the priest-trainers […] the material damage recorded remain enormous: “two charred dormitories and a half-burnt classroom, a car, telephones, a tablet and a laptop computer carried away”, estimates Father Etienne Tandamba, director of the diocesan radio station “Radio Taanba Fada”.

For him, the human toll is rather a reason for thanksgiving to the Lord for his constant protection, because “all the students and their trainers are safe and sound”.

Some students, however, lost all their belongings in the fire.


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