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27 acts of Christianophobia reported in France in September 2021 alone

We take stock of the Christianophobic acts in France, which occurred in September 2021.


Among these acts, seven are thefts from cemeteries, a church was tagged (in Le Havre), three suffered fires or attempts (including two fires in four days at Saint -Loup Hors in Calvados), five of the thefts with burglary (including one desecrated, the tabernacle having been broken into, at Argenteuil), two of the thefts in the trunks without burglary, two of the acts of vandalism – including one with a truck, which fled the scene after hitting the wall of the church in Beillé (72), three statues were smashed or set on fire (including a Virgin of Guingamp), a stained glass window was broken in Rouen (76), a cross was broken in Saussines in the Hérault.

In addition, two cemeteries were vandalised or desecrated – namely around fifty tagged graves in Poitiers in Vienne, a town which has experienced other acts of vandalism.

As for cemeteries, thefts have been reported in Espinasses, Molinot, Saint-Etienne au Mont, Saint-Erme (copper and tin palms from the war memorial) in Aisne, Toulouse, Lourdes and Gaujac among others. 


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