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A church and a cemetary have been vandalized in Belgium

"It's a disgrace", commented Carine de Saint-Martin, the mayor.

Russian troops desecrated a Ukrainian cemetery

Russia is perpetrating war crimes on Ukrainian soil on a regular basis.

27 acts of Christianophobia reported in France in September 2021 alone

Despite the evidence, French authorities continue to turn a blind eye on this worrying phenomenon

Ten graves vandalised in a Quebec cemetery

The layman who manages the parish that installing CCTV cameras "would not change anything".

Three tombs desecrated and looted in Mauritius

In June 2017, thugs had already unsealed and taken away the copper door of one of the historic vaults of the cemetery.

Schoolchildren vandalise Christian graves in Indonesia

The students vandalised all the Christian crosses and symbols in the cemetery.

Turkish church attacked and desecrated

Mehre is a historically Assyrian Christian village that has often been victimised by ongoing conflicts.

Christian cemetery vandalised in Casablanca

Even though the cemetery was supervised, the guards let the vandals run away to avoid conflict.