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Priest abducted after morning mass in Nigeria

Father Godfrey Chimezie of St. Theresa’s Parish, Abia State, was abducted by gunmen last week after attending morning mass. “The kidnappers forced him out of his Toyota Corolla car and bundled him into their SUV jeep and escaped,” an eyewitness told The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).


“NAN learnt that while the priest was abducted on the Enyiukwu Road in Ohokobe Afaraukwu, near the church, the lady was abducted at a petrol station on Aba Road, near Madonna Catholic Hospital, Umuahia,” reported Vanguard news.

Nigeria is the largest killing ground of Christians today, but few are aware of it. According to a report released in August by Intersociety, Islamic radicals in Nigeria have abducted over 18,500 people in the last 12 years. Christian leaders are often targeted in these attacks.

In The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) 2021 annual report, Commissioner Gary L. Bauer described Nigeria as a “killing field” of Christians and warned that the nation is moving toward a Christian genocide.


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