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A kidnapped priest was released in Nigeria

Two other previously kidnapped priests were released recently, one of them by a self-defense militia.

Priest kidnapped in Nigeria

He was kidnapped nearly two weeks ago.

A kidnapped Catholic priest has been killed in Nigeria

Cheitnum served as priest at St. James Parish in Fori, Jema’a Local Government Area, according to the diocese.

Priest abducted after morning mass in Nigeria

In a separate incident later that day, a woman was also abducted.

Priest abducted after morning mass in Nigeria

Father Godfrey Chimezie of St. Theresa’s Parish, Abia State, was abducted by gunmen last week after attending morning mass.

Priest abducted by Boko Haram regains his freedom

An official of the church told Vanguard that “the Bishop will soon communicate with the press on the matter."

Kidnapped priest released in Cameroon

Father Eboka thanked parishioners for the prayers that got him through his difficult circumstance.

Priest kidnapped and murdered in Nigeria

Fr. John Gbakaan was kidnapped and murdered on the 15th of January, on the road from Lambata to Lapai in the State of Niger.

Abducted Nigerian pastor is freed; the congregation prays for kidnappers

Fr. Valentine Ezeugu was released on Wednesday the 16th of December.

A Nigerian priest was abducted on his way to his father's funeral

A Catholic priest was abducted on the 15th of December while travelling to his father's funeral.