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Abducted Christian student escaped in Nigeria

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The local pastor confirmed that Treasure Ayuba, one of 121 students who had been kidnapped from the Bethel Baptist High School in Kaduna, Nigeria, managed to escape.

The terrorists demanded a ransom for releasing the captives. Groups of students have gradually been set free following negotiations over the payment. Once the terrorists were paid, they released some of the children and requested more money for the others. Over the past two years, they were paid more than $400,000 CAD.

Treasure Ayuba had been captured by Islamic Fulani herdsmen right after his 12th birthday. They forced him to traverse a long distance, where he was held hostage for two years. According to some rumours, he had chosen to stay with his captors, but it turned out that the Fulani terrorists had tried to convert the Christian boy to Islam forcefully. 

Treasure managed to escape. He walked through the night and eventually met a group of hunters who assisted him in getting back to his hometown. His family was surprised and overjoyed. Treasure was the last student to make it home and is expected to receive trauma counselling.

Pastor Israel Akanji, the President of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, expressed his delight in a social media post: “Glory be to God! Glory be to God!! Glory be to God!!! Treasure Ayuba, the last boy who was still with the bandits who kidnapped the 121 students of Bethel Baptist High School, Kaduna, on July 5, 2021, has just returned home!”


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