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Dale County Sheriff’s looking for individuals from church burglary and attempted arson

Rocky Head Baptist Church has been around for over 100 years, but recently it was the target of burglary and attempted arson. The word Pastor Bill Weed used the most was sadness. He is pleading for the individuals responsible to not only to come forward but to let the church help them out.


“Whatever it is that we can be in assistance of, please come and talk to us! There’s no need in doing anything like this, especially from the standpoint of trying to burn a church down,” said Weed.

Rocky Head Baptist Church cleaners came into work to do their normal cleaning, only to find a broken back window and a gasoline can thrown inside. Leaving many church members confused and upset. 

“It makes me feel sad that our world has evolved to such a situation that somebody would do something like this. Whether it’s stealing a catalytic convertor or trying to burn the church down. It’s sad that they come to that, and our heart goes out to them. We are in prayer for those individuals that have done this, as well as others who have done this to other churches in our association,” said Weed.

 Their van’s catalytic convertor was also taken during the ordeal. A crime that is becoming more and more common among places of worship.

“Well, you know it takes a special kind of person to target a house of worship like a church. And unfortunately, this isn’t the only case we’ve had involving a church van,” said Chief Deputy Mason Bynum with the Dale County Sheriff’s Office. “We’ve had a few more of them throughout the county,”

Leaving the Dale County Sheriff’s office to remind not only businesses but individuals to keep this in mind. “We just urge people to be vigilant and park in well lite areas and be a hard target,” said Bynum.


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