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Hungary fines distributor for book promoting homosexuality to kids

Hungarian authorities have fined a book distributor for selling a book without notifying customers that it promotes homosexuality to children. Citing rules on unfair trade practices, local officials fined an unnamed distributor of a book published by the Foundation for Rainbow Families.


The book, titled “What a Family,” is a translation of books by an American LGBT activist and depicts same-sex couples with children in an attempt to normalize homosexual parenting.

The government office of Pest County, a county surrounding Budapest, levied the fine of 250,000 forints (around $830), Reuters reported.

“This book was placed among other books of fairytales and this way they breached the law,” Pest County commissioner Richard Tarnai told Hungarian television channel HirTV. “There is no way of knowing that this book is about a family that is different than a normal family.”

Hungary has previously insisted that disclaimers be included for books described as “homosexual propaganda.”

Last month, the ruling conservative government, led by Prime Minister Viktor Orban, also approved an anti-pedophilia law that includes a ban on the promotion of homosexuality or transgenderism to minors. 


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