Tag: Transgenderism

Christian teacher accused of 'misgendering' student takes appeal to High Court

A Maths teacher who lost his job after using the ‘wrong’ pronoun for a pupil has taken his appeal to the High Court.

Christian groups criticise Ohio Governor's veto of trans surgery ban

'Children are going to pay the price' say Christian conservative groups like the Center for Christian Virtue in Ohio

Failure on safeguarding: UK concerns about transgender guidance

In the past few years radical gender ideology has spread through schools like an epidemic in the United Kingdom

Oklahoma law requires students to use bathrooms matching their biological sex

A school district’s failure to comply with the law will result in a 5% decrease in state funding.

Teacher suspended for not using trans pronouns secures temporary court order

Neither the school district nor the school had a "formal policy" in place dictating that teachers use the preferred pronouns.

Four-year-old children in Scotland are allowed to change gender at school

The Scottish Government guidelines say that "recognition and development of gender identity can occur at a young age".

Christian school worker fired for Facebook post allowed to appeal

In an interview, Mrs Higgs explained the school stated her posts could “bring" the school into disrepute” before firing her.

Argentina allows gender X on ID cards and passports

The decision follows several controversial changes in the country over the last twelve years. 

Judge strikes down West Virginia law banning biological males from girls' sports

The bill cites the “inherent differences between biological males and biological females”.