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Failure on safeguarding: UK concerns about transgender guidance


Christians in the UK are praying that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will not be influenced by pro-trans activists as new transgender guidance for schools has been repeatedly delayed.

Based on recent reports the UK government had decided not to follow any legal changes before publishing “trans guidance” for schools. According to a few parties the guidance — which was due out before the end of July, and would tell schools how to approach children who wish to “transition” — had been abandoned altogether.

There has been a division over whether legislation is needed to ban the social transitioning of children in schools. Social transitioning indicates the request of trans-identified children to be referred to by new names and pronouns.

The long-term physical consequences and risks of transition are well documented. The process has a  devastating effect to family relationships. There are other dangerous aspects of allowing boys to use girls’ toilets or in allowing boys to take part in girls’ sport, and in keeping secrets from parents. Schools are supposed to have a legal duty to protect children from harm, and yet, they are endorsing the social transitioning of children in their care. According to paediatrician Hilary Cass this should be seen as a major failure of safeguarding that requires Government action. There is no evidence that affirming a child’s feelings of “gender distress” has any benefits at all.

The Telegraph reported that the Prime Minister was re-considering plans to introduce legislation banning the social transition of children.

Christian Institute Director Colin Hart stressed that clear guidance was essential to protect the rights of Christians to communicate their concerns: “There is nothing in the law that requires schools to affirm children in their gender confusion. In fact, this risks causing long-term harm. Trans activists want to use the long-awaited transgender guidance to compel pupils and teachers to adopt radical gender ideology, including social transitioning. The Government has to stand firm.”



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