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Gay choir sings: “We will convert your children”

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus shared a video on the internet in which they sang "We’ll Convert Your Children”. The video was meant to be a caricature, but it was removed by the makers since it was not well received by the public. However, the video was copied by someone, and it is still available on the internet.


The journalist of The American Conservative invited everyone to watch the video until the very end. It is billed as “A Message From The Gay Community,” and is in the form of a song entitled “We’ll Convert Your Children”.

It starts with this line:

“You think that we’ll corrupt your kids/Fine — just this once, you’re correct/We’ll convert your children/Happens bit by bit/Quietly and suddenly and you will barely notice it.”


“And you’ll be disgusted/When they start finding things online/That you’ve kept far from their sight.”

The journalist writes:

“Seriously, watch it all. And tell me that Hungarian PM Viktor Orban was wrong to pass the law keeping LGBT media from targeting kids. They are making his case for them. This thing ought to be played all over Hungarian media”.

You can watch the outrageous video here:

Source: The American Conservative

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