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Ugandan Muslim father poisons daughter for her putting faith in Christ

A 38-year-old mother of three is recovering in a hospital in eastern Uganda after her Muslim father and other relatives attacked her with a blunt object and forced her to drink poison in her pastor's house, where she had been taking refuge since her conversion to Christianity following a “miraculous healing.”


The father of the woman, identified as Hajat Habiiba Namuwaya from Namakoko village in Nangonde Sub-County of Namutumba District, and her other relatives arrived at her pastor’s home on the morning of the 20th of June, the victim recalled from her hospital bed, according to Morning Star News.

“He started beating and torturing me with a blunt object, inflicting bruises on my back, chest and legs, and finally forced me to drink poison, which I tried to resist but swallowed a little of it,” Namuwaya, a former Islamic teacher, was quoted as saying. “My father, Al-Hajji Mansuru Kiita, recited many Quranic verses cursing and denouncing me as no longer one of the family members,” she added.

“The pastor was not around when the attackers arrived, but a neighbor telephoned him,” said Namuwaya, who accepted Christ in February. “He feared to come immediately but later came and found me fighting for my life. I was rushed to the nearby clinic for first aid, and later I was taken to another place for treatment and prayers.” She said she was “restless with continuous pain in my stomach.”

The victim has found shelter at an undisclosed site and has not filed a police complaint, fearing retaliation from her relatives, including the possibility that they might file a false case against her or the church.

Namuwaya put her faith in Christ last February after the pastor prayed for her and reportedly healed her from breast cancer.


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