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Spanish lawyers oppose the removal of crosses in the country

The Spanish Association of Christian Lawyers (AEAC) is referring more and more complaints to the courts against the decisions of local government officials in this country who, under the guise of fighting against the Frankist regime, remove religious symbols from public space, mainly crosses.


One case, in particular, was that of the mayor of El Casar’s municipality in the province of Cáceres in the west of the country, who announced the removal of the cross standing in the city centre. According to the official, a stone cross placed in one of the main squares of this town supposedly promotes the views of supporters of the “Frankist regime” that ruled in Spain from 1939 until 1975.

The association recalled that most of the courts in regions where crosses were attempted to be removed have spoken in recent years not to “treat religious symbols as Francoism”. At the same time, it was pointed out that despite this, there are many local government officials in Spain who – also against the will of the majority of the commune’s inhabitants – are trying to remove the crosses.

In Celanova, Galicia, supporters of these actions collected 1,500 signatures, while opponents of this idea as many as 25,000 – noted Polonia Castellanos, president of AEAC. She assured that the organisation she leads would defend both the cross in this city and other religious symbols in the public space, which local government officials are trying to remove under the pretext of fighting Francoism.


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