The church of a Belgian village was targeted with repeated acts of vandalism

On the 22. April. unknown people destroyed two statues and one vase in the Saint-Rémi Church, in the village of Profondeville. The day after, a small chapel nearby was burnt. A few days before, a Statue of the Virgin had been destroyed too. The police assume, that the same persons committed the three acts.


Last Saturday, between 2:30 p.m. and 4 p.m., an act of vandalism was perpetrated in the Saint-Rémy de Profondeville church, in the center of the village. Two large statues of Saint Joseph and Saint Anthony were thrown from their plinths and smashed to the ground. A vase that was on a side altar was also knocked to the ground.

A few days earlier, a small statue of the Virgin had been torn from the base on which it was glued and taken away.

Third act of these facts, no doubt committed by the same malicious person(s): during the night of Sunday to Monday, the firefighters and the police were called for a fire, probably intentional, which completely destroyed the chapel dedicated to Saint Joseph and which is at the end of the village, at n°94 on the chaussée de Dinant, not far from the bus stop. When firefighters arrived, flames were engulfing the building. The firemen needed a good two hours to contain the fire.

Source: lavenir.net

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