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The church of a Belgian village was targeted with repeated acts of vandalism

Fortunately, no one was wounded as a result of the attacks.

A vulgar exhibition sexualising Jesus in the European Parliament causes outrage

The author, lesbian Swedish photographer Elisabeth Ohlson, argues the photographs depict Christ supporting homosexual rights.

A Belgian church will be turned into a library

A statue of Christ was even recently found in a garbage dump.

Statues of Mary and Joseph beheaded in Belgium

The act of vandalism took place in broad daylight, in the afternoon.

Requests for “debaptisms” on the rise in Belgium

More and more people leave the Catholic Church.

Repeated cases of theft reported in a Belgium cemetery

The local police admits its helplessness.

Belgium violated right to life in euthanasia case, according to the ECHR

The 64-years-old woman's euthanasia was coducted on the basis of a diagnosis of “incurable depression”.

A church and a cemetary have been vandalized in Belgium

"It's a disgrace", commented Carine de Saint-Martin, the mayor.

Over 50 churches have been vandalised in Brussels between 2019 and 2022

Churches in Brussels are 53 times more likely to be the target of vandals than mosques.

A cemetery has been vandalised in Belgium

The same cemetery has already been targeted by vandals in September 2020