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A Belgian church will be turned into a library

The Church of St. Peter in the Belgian commune of De Panne will no longer be a temple, but will become a library. It is currently undergoing renovation works. The services that oversee the process ensured that all statues, carvings and relics would be carefully removed.


The inhabitants of the commune of De Panne could see what respect for religion looks like in Belgium. Proceedings were initiated there because a figure of the crucified Christ was found in one of the nearby garbage dumps. As confirmed by experts, the statue from the 17th century was recently removed from the church of St. Peter.

– The intention of the construction work undertaken was not to treat the figure in such a way – said councilor Wim Janssen.

As the local authorities assured, the statue was taken from the rubble and is now in storage. They also stressed the need to maintain a minimum of respect for heritage and tradition. They argued that many residents may remember the figure of Christ hanging in the church. However, there was no assurance of respect for the place of worship or the image of the Savior.


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