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Six children taken away from parents for placing them in Catholic schools

The children have been placed in different families and are not allowed to continue in their Catholic boarding.

Less churches and more mosques: the crisis of Christianity in France

At least two Catholic churches or monuments are the subjects of theft or profanation on a daily basis.

Post-Catholic countries want to show the Church "where it belongs"

In today's post-Catholic societies, secular authorities want the Church to "know its place," explains columnist Charles Collins.

Spanish lawyers oppose the removal of crosses in the country

The war on Christianity is ongoing in Spain under the pretext of fighting the influence of the Frankist regime

The Mayor of Paris considers Ramadan as "part of French cultural heritage"

At the same time, Christianity is no longer considered as part of the cultural heritage of France, according to the Left.

French freemasonry chose a new Grand Master

The change of the Master does not mean any change regarding the French freemasons policy.

Historic church to be destroyed and replaced by campus for students in France

The Church of St. Joseph is a symbol of Lille's religious heritage.

French radio refused to advertise organisation that helps persecuted Christians

The director of the Christian organisation wrote a letter to some deputies asking them to intervene in their favour.