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North Korean defector travelled three thousand miles as a teen to be free to pray

At seventeen years old, North Korean defector Sookyung Kang travelled three thousand miles to be free to worship God. In a video released by Liberty in North Korea, she told her story. It began with a choice familiar to many Christians across history. Would she leave behind her family and home to worship God, or would she remain under tyranny in North Korea?


“What should I do God? I want to be able to dream, I want to live the life I choose, but I don’t want to abandon my family. What should I do?” she recalled. “In the end, I chose my dreams and freedom.”

Kang lived in North Korea’s Ryanggang province, on the country’s northern border with China. North Koreans on the Chinese border often resort to smuggling to eat, The New York Times reported. The constant battle with starvation is the North Korean government’s way to make sure people don’t ever think about being free, she said

The group North Korea’s Communist Party most hates are Christians, she said. Because the regime tries to keep control by convincing the people that its leaders are gods, it fears people who don’t worship them.



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